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2019 - Ridernet Training Seminars 

Skype Webinars 

This training is for Club Committee Members and Race Secretary's.


 Online Skype 6th March, 2019 6:30pm Join Skype Meeting Club Memberships  Listen here
 Online Skype 12th March, 2019 6:30pm Join Skype Meeting   Events Module  Listen here


Ridernet 'How-to' Guides


 How to - Enter an event  Members entering Events.pdf
How to - Perform a refund   Refunds for Events In Ridernet.pdf
 How to - Set up Club Membership Types  Set up club memberships.pdf
 How to - Become an official Become and official
 How to - Affiliate in Ridernet Affiliation in Ridernet.pdf


The Ridernet system is a one stop shop for all things your club requires but the best thing I can sell in regards to Ridernet is that it can read and check the National Licencing System which takes away an abundance of work before events for your club committee members, volunteers and officials. Most of the work can be done online before your event and on the day it can be as easy of getting the participant to sign the indemnity and walk away.

If you are still dealing with paper membership forms and big lines of riders at Club days with cash then you need to come to this training and realise how much easier it could be for you and your Club.

MA and all the states have put in a lot of time, effort and investment into getting Ridernet to where it is now, it is FREE for your club so why not jump on board so we are all using the same system and make the process in motorcycle sport easier by having one destination for all things motorcycling.

Not to mention the fact that Ridernet sells the One Event Licences at the time of event entry so you no longer need to buy the books of licences.

Any questions about this training please contact Emma Tierney on 07 3281 2255 or



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