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Motorcycling Queensland offers an extensive program to train and accredit officials in Queensland.
There are many benefits associated with becoming an official such as:

  1. Being close to the action on race day (no one, apart from the riders get closer);
  2. Being part of an exciting and dynamic sport;
  3. Insurance coverage;
  4. Positive and worthwhile contribution to the sport of motorcycling;
  5. Establishing a pathway to higher levels of accreditation;
  6. Meeting other licensed officials, riders and motorcycling enthusiasts;
  7. Free entry to the event.

Steps to becoming an Level 1 Official:


Blue Card (Working with Children Check)
In 2003, the Queensland State Government introduced legislation that requires any person engaged in working (voluntarily and professionally) with children under 18 to apply for a Blue Card.

The Working with Children Check requires that all persons engaged in working with children complete a Blue Card application and undergo a Police screening process.

The screening process is undertaken to ensure that only suitable persons are placed in unsupervised positions with children.

Persons who pass the screening process are subsequently issued with a Blue Card, which remains current for a period of 3 years. After 3 years, individuals must re-apply to renew their Blue Card.

Motorcycling Queensland requires that any person applying for either an Officials or Coaches Licence must first apply for, and be issued with, a Blue Card.
Download a Blue Card Application form from the Coaches/ Officials Forms

More information on the Blue Card procedure is available from the Blue Card web site at


Complete Level 1 Operational Officials Course 

Before you apply for an Officials Licence, you will need to have completed the Level 1 Operational Officials Course. This is a free seminar created by Motorcycling Australia - This can completed online. Click here to access the Course.  

Apply for an Officials Licence

Any persons wishing to apply for an Officials Licence with Motorcycling Queensland should complete the Application for an Officials Licence.  

First-time Officials Licence applications will be issued with an Official’s Journal (Log Book). The Journal enables officials to keep a record of experience and work that they have undertaken as an official at MQ permitted events. The information contained within your Journal will be necessary should you decide to apply for an upgrade to your Officials Licence.

Officials Licence holders can apply to have their licence upgraded to higher levels of accreditation at any time, however such applicants need to have completed relevant Officials Training Seminars and have proof of practical experience in the roles for which they are applying for an upgrade. 

Cost of Officials Licence

Level 1 Operational Official- $0

Practice Supervisor/Trail Boss/Ride Secretary - $15

Level 2 or higher - $15 


Upgrading your Officials Accreditation

You can make an application to Motorcycling Queensland to upgrade your Officials accreditation at any time. There is no fee for applying to upgrade your officials licence.

Applications to upgrade an officials licence must be submitted to Motorcycling Queensland on the National Officials Accreditation Scheme upgrade application.

Applications to be upgraded to Level 2 are considered at Motorcycling Queensland by the General Manager. Applications to be upgraded to Level 3 are assessed by the Officials Review Board.

Level 3 upgrade requests for Clerk of Course, Steward, Race Secretary and Scrutineer will need to provide a minimum of 2 on the job ‘Officials Assessments’ in each of the above areas for which they are applying for an upgrade.

Download an Officials Assessment Form.

Applications to be upgraded to Level 4 must be sent to the Motorcycling Queensland Officials Review Board for endorsement. These applications will then be forwarded to the Motorcycling Australia Officials Commission for final approval.

The following factors are considered when assessing an application for higher levels of accreditation:

1. Attendance at relevant Seminar(s) (within the last 4 years);

2. The pass marks achieved at those Seminars commensurate with the level that is being applied for:

Level 2 – 75% pass mark or better
Level 3 – 90% pass mark or better
Level 4 – 95% pass mark or better

3. Sufficient proof of practical experience in the position and discipline for which the applicant is applying for an upgrade.


Code of Conduct

Motorcycling Queensland expects that all Officials involved in the sport of motorcycling in Queensland adhere to the Motorcycling Australia Code of Conduct as outlined in section 25 of the Manual of Motorcycle Sport. 

Officials Seminars
Motorcycling Queensland runs Officials Training Seminars throughout the state to train volunteer officials to the required national standard.
 Attendance at all Motorcycling Queensland Officials Training Seminars is FREE of charge. Motorcycling Queensland provides all necessary course resources, as well as catering at the seminar.

Click here to view the Officials Training Seminars Schedule.

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