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Enduro   Historic   Motocross   Supercross   Moto-Trials   Road Race   Speedway   Supermoto   Track


If racing cross country through tight bush trails and fast open tracks appeals to you, then Enduro is a good choice. Riding can range from casual trail rides to Australian Championship events. A Motocross or trail bike will get you started.

View the Queensland Enduro page for a list of available Enduro numbers, news and more here.

Ones to watch:

Queensland's current Enduro stars include Jemma Wilson, Tom McCormack and Lachlan Stanford.


Motorcycles were never designed to sit in the corner of a garage gathering dust. Many vintage motorcycles have been restored to their former glory and are actively competing in historic racing.

If you have an old bike, we have a class to suit riders of most machines of almost any vintage.

Types of historic racing include Road Racing, Dirt Track, Motocross, Speedway and Moto-Trials.


Motocross is one of the most popular off-road sports in the country. It is run on tracks shaped from natural terrain and produces fast, close and exciting racing.

Stadium Motocross (or Stadium X) involves a man-made track that is constructed in a Stadium environment.

Freestyle Motocross (FMX) is another form of Motocross that involves tricks. You'll need a Freestyle Motocross endorsement for this type of racing. Find out more information about licence endorsements here.


Supercross is a condensed form of motocross conducted in both indoor and outdoor stadiums on artificially made dirt tracks consisting of steep jumps and obstacles. This form of racing is designed to be spectacular and presents riders with a demanding physical and mental challenges.

To compete in Supercross events in Australia, riders will need Supercross accreditation on their licence. Find out more about licence endorsements here.


Moto-Trials is a type of motorcycle sport where speed does not matter. It relies heavily on the skill demonstrated by the riders in overcoming difficult and various obstacles without stopping or allowing their feet to touch the ground.

Moto-Trials motorcycles are light weight and this discipline is amazing to watch.


Road Racing is a very popular form of motorcycle sport thanks to Australian riders who've made it big on the MotoGP and world Superbike stage.

There are many categories of Road Racing, from stock-standard production machines through to rapid-fire Superbike and Supersport machines.


Speedway is an adrenalin packed sport which consists of bikes without brakes and very little suspension tearing around a fully fenced oval circuit.

Speedway riders enjoy high adrenalin and explosive action. Competitors can ride solo or as a team with a sidecar.

Supermoto is conducted on circuits of between 800 and 1700 metres in length which consist of a bitumen section and a dirt section. The ratio of sealed surface to dirt usually varies between 70-30 and 80-20. The dirt section may also have small jumps, however is usually a smooth surface.

Supermoto races can also be conducted on Road Race tracks and the machines used are off-road dirt bikes that are fitted with road bike or Motard wheels and brakes. Usually Supermoto bikes have had their suspension lowered.

The races are short and exciting with the emphasis on heavy braking at tight corners to make for a big slide prior to the corner.


Track racing is an exciting branch of off-road racing which is conducted on closed tracks of up to 1800m in length. The tracks are varied with left and right-hand bends. The surface can be graded dirt or grass.

All you need to get started is a Motocross bike and the appropriate riding gear. For the serious competitor a more specialised dirt track machine called a slider is used to compete.

There are different types of track racing including Dirt Track (DT) and Long Track (LT).

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