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To ensure safety and junior riders know the rules of racing, Motorcycling Australia has created a Junior Coaching Program (JCP) for all riders aged 7 to under 16 who wish to obtain or renew a competition licence. The JCP applies to all current and potential junior riders aged between 7 and under 16 (7-U16) who wish to obtain or renew a competition licence. 

Juniors will need to complete the Kick Start Program before obtaining a Junior National Licence. Once Motorcycling QLD has approved the Kickstart Paperwork they will be then send the rider their JCP Log Book. The rider will then need to enter any coaching they do into this log book as a record.  


On this page you will find the following information: 


  • New Junior Licence Applicants - Kick Start Program
  • Junior Coaching Program - Competitor Log Book
  • Coaching to Ride a Higher Capacity Bike
  • One Event Competition Licences for Club and Interclub Events
  • Upgrading from a Mini Licence to a Junior National Licence


New Junior competition licence applicants - Kick Start Program


All first time junior riders wishing to take out a competition licence (including a One Event Licence) must first undertake motorcycle coaching called the Kick Start Program. The Kick Start Program involves both a Practical Riding Test and Multiple Choice Theory. 

The Practical Riding Test and  is made up of 12 modules that a new junior rider must complete and have signed off by a coach.The multiple choice Theory Test is made up of 25 questions on the basic rules and regulations of motorcycle sport. The answers to all 25 questions are located within the "Kick Start - Getting Started In Junior Motorcycle Sport" booklet (available from your coach). 

The completed multiple choice Theory Test and Practical Riding test must be signed off by a coach.
A rider can take as much time as they need to complete the required coaching modules and they may even conduct the test over a number of days or weeks and have instruction from different coaches. Coaching can take a minimum of five hours, or until the coach is satisfied that the rider is competent

Kick Start assessment must be completed with a minimum Club, Level 1 or Level 2 coach. Please contact your club for Kick Start coaches.

View Kick Start Program here 


Cost to attend a Kick Start assessment

It is recommended that coaches conducting the Kick Start Practical and Theory assessments must not charge more than $30 per rider. There is no set fee for coaches who are conducting coaching for higher capacity bikes. 

What if I have completed Kick Start and want to upgrade to a higher capacity bike?

Riders wishing to undertake the necessary coaching to step-up to a higher bike capacity, the rider must complete the coaching competency with an accredited MA Level 1 or 2 licensed motorcycle sport coach.

Hours must be completed under a Motorcycling Australia coaching permit and all riders should ensure that hours completed are noted in their JCP Log Book. The JCP Log book is sent to the rider from Motorcycling Qld when the Kickstart Paperwork has been approved. 
Log books can be applied for from MQ  - application form here.

Motorcycling Queensland will conduct 'spot checks' to ensure that hours signed off in the Log Book are part of a permitted coaching day. Where hours have been signed off that are not part of a permitted coaching day, penalties will apply to both the rider and the person or coach signing the Log Book.


Junior Coaching Program - Competitor Log Book

Once the licence has been approved and the rider has completed of all competency requirements, the junior competition licence applicant will be forwarded a Junior Coaching Program - Competitor Log Book.

The aim of the Log Book is to improve safety for all junior competitors by having them maintain an up-to-date record.

Junior riders must present their Log Book along with their competition licence at all race meetings and coaching days.

Log Books can only be issued by State Controlling Bodies such as Motorcycling Queensland. Download a log book application here.


One Event Competition Licences for Club and Interclub events

Junior participants who want to participate in a meeting by taking out a One Meeting Competition Licence must have completed Kick Start and have been issued with a Log Book. Download a log book application here.

Mini Licences

Current Mini Licence holders wishing to upgrade to a Junior National Licence must first complete Kick Start and be issued with an updated licence and a Log Book.


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